If ever there was a time to stab something

With everything we have all had to endure during this year there still needs to be a time to work on our mental health. For some this will be getting out in the garden, a zoom call to see family or friends or standing in the middle of nowhere and just screaming.

For others there hasn't been an easy or quick fix and it has been a hard time with still no end in sight. So now is a great time to be creative. You may say you don't have a creative bone in your body but I am sure you could try even just a doodle, or make a collage from the leaves falling from the trees.

Don't create because I say so but because it is just something you can do to refocus your mind for a few minutes. At the start of lockdown I did some painting by numbers and at first I found it frustrating to stay in the lines and to keep swapping the colours. Later on I enjoyed it more as I watched the picture come to life and the colours blend together.

Now I find myself doing the same with the needle and wool. I get great satisfaction at stabbing the living daylights out of a lump of core wool watching the randomness of the wool begin to take shape and a creature emerge. I switch off the news and lose myself into the rhythmic stabbing of the needle and just be. Letting go of the stress with each stab, letting in joy, energy and passion for creating.

Create for the sheer joy of creating!

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