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9th March  10 - 3


This exciting course of enamelling on copper explores the skills and techniques of kiln enamelling, a colourful course.  We'll be exploring enamelling step by step, learning to fuse finely powdered enamel onto the surface of copper to create beautiful glossy glassy surfaces. These ancient techniques were first used by the Chinese, Greeks, Celts and Egyptians to decorate metal and add colour to metal jewellery and other precious objects. 

During the full day session, we will experiment with a range of decorative techniques to create your own one-off pieces using heart and flowers as our main theme of blanks and stencils, to make your own unique jewellery or small pieces. We will demonstrate and guide you through the processes involved.

As the workshop progresses you will learn the different firing stages and have the chance to do this yourself. Enamelling is a  process, where you can layer colours on top of each other to create very interesting one-off pieces. Throughout the workshop each student will decide which techniques they would like to continue exploring to create your pieces. Everybody will go away with three to five pieces. Numbers are kept low for this workshop to allow for guided tuition and the opportunity for discussion.

All materials for your pieces will be included. Any additional pieces will incur a fee for additional materials used.

Enamel Hearts and Flowers workshop

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