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We are having a reprint of these cards and will have more stock in three weeks. Many thanks

TA Transactional Analysis, sometimes called PAC or Parent Adult Child, is a method for understanding ourselves and each other which has stood the test of time.


It is still used in therapy, in the workplace, between couples, in the family, anywhere we need to make sense of how people interact with each other and how we feel about that often tricky process. It is easy to learn and use and can revolutionise communications.


85mm x 120mm in cardboard tuck box. Printed on 350 gsm card


Cards cost £25, please note £5 will be added at check out for postage.


(note to wholesalers: each box carries a bar code to make it easier to manage your own stock. Please enquire about wholesale prices.)


Sadly it is not possible to ship to Europe because of local taxes, delivery fee and in some European countries, recycling fees.

TA Transactional Analysis Cards

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